Who are we

Supplier of 3D-Printed products and services such as CAD, generative designs, models, promotional materials, prototyping and spare parts. Norshapes is a registered trademark and we put a lot of work into delivering the absolute highest possible quality of the products.

In 2020, Norshapes AS became an independent company with a focus on products and services aimed at industry. We look forward to being able to offer our services from our workshop close to Norway's largest oil refinery at Mongstad. Our goal is to establish ourselves as an industrial supplier of additive manufacturing in plastic and metal materials with a focus on working prototypes, parts to order and digital stock of spare parts.

We also have a great desire to contribute to the local community in the form of training and demonstration. Additive manufacturing is in itself a good environmental measure and Norshapes AS wants to be a driving force for the use of this technology.

The team behind Norshapes AS has broad professional competence and the main emphasis comes from a total of over 30 years in the oil and gas industry.

Stian Fanebust

Trade certificate industrial mechanic and CNC. 14 years of experience from the oil industry. Has delivered products using additive manufacturing since the start-up of Norshapes as a project in 2017.

Kristoffer Hermansen
Kristoffer Hermansen
R&D - Engineer

Bachelor's degree in subsea technology from HVL, master's degree in industrial cybernetics from NTNU. Certificate as an industrial mechanic. 10 years of experience from the oil industry.

Are Førde
Project engineer

Bachelor's degree in Production Engineering from HVL. Experience with additive manufacturing and CAD throughout the study. 5 years experience from the oil industry.

Eirik Tolleshaug
Project engineer

Bachelor's degree in Production Engineering from HVL.