High quality 3D-Printed components

Send us your 3D file or request design. Additional information related to where and how you intend to use the component will in that case be helpful. We’ll suggest material and resolution if this is not specified.

Please have a look at our portfolio of components we have been designing and manufacturing since our start-up in 2020.

A few popular materials

FDM material optionsSLA Resin material options
PLABASF Proto White
PLA Multicolour BASF RG35
FlexibleBASF ST45
Nylon PA12BASF ST80
Nylon PA6BASF EL150
Carbonfiber and glassfiberBASF EL4000

Norshapes machine capacity

Machine typeMax VolumeResolution
FDM Filament – Hyper Speed (300*300*600mm)0,1 – 0,3mm
FDM Filament – Standard(600*600*600mm)0,05 – 0,80mm
FDM Filament – Multicolour(300*300*600mm)0,10 – 0,40
FDM Filament – Fiber(600*600*600mm)0,15 – 0,40
SLA Resin(292*165*400mm)0,01 – 0,10mm

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